SIMsafe Agent & Tunnel installation

In order to install the VPN agent please follow these steps.


1- Install the VPN agent software as attched for Windows x86 or x64 bit.

2- Read the document attached to setup the agent correctly. 'SimSafe-CustomerAgentInstall.pdf'

Once the agent is installed then you need to create the tunnel.

The tunnel needs to be created manually:
1.Please go to Network -> Static Addressing -> Tunnels
2.Add Tunnel -> Host Tunnel
3.Select proper Agent
4.Set the corresponding tunnel name
5.Next hop must be different than the other ones
6.Link cost leave as 1 and set the routing to Yes
7.Restart the Agent service
8.In the Network -> Routes go to dropdown “Choose an action” and select Edit Static Routes
9.Add Static Route and (as per configuration on this account) set IP and mask to link cost 1 and once asked select tickbox beside IP address and confirm
10.After that is done go to the machine and double click VPN Agent manager – it displays Tunnels section and the button below “install adapter”
11.Install the adapter and once installed, go to adapters section on the Windows machine and ensure that the virtual adapter is named exactly like the tunnel
12.Check the Adapter properties and Internet Protocol v4 properties to see if it’s set to DHCP (Automatically Obtain IP Address)
13.Leave the rest blank (DNS/Gateway) and apply
14.Restart the service and test

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