Can I see measurements of pressure above 10.2 bar?

Yes. According to the J1939 rules the maximum pressure is limited to 10.2 bar but PressurePro sensors can measure above this value. 

TPMS is specified to send two full messages (per sensor).  The first message sends every ten seconds and uses this logic for pressure: PGN 0xFEF4 (65268) Tyre Condition, Byte 2 (SPN 241) reports 4 kPa/bit, 0 offset.  This means that the pressure max is 145 psi (10.2 bar).  

Using the second message (broadcast every 60 seconds) for pressure: PGN 0xFDB9 (64953) Tyre Pressure Reference Information, Byte 3 (no SPN) reports 8 kPa/bit, 0 offset will allow a max pressure of 290 psi (~20 bar).  This should accommodate the higher pressures needed.

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