For certain types of vehicle, does the antenna need to be positioned outside?

This answer really depends on the truck that it is being installed on.  If the truck is smaller (less than 30ft between rear most tires and the display) and has little interference (windows, not an armored vehicle) the dipole antenna with a painted PULSE (paint reduces electrical noise) will work just fine.  If the vehicle is towing anything that extends it over 30ft, or is over 30ft in itself, has a high metal content, or very few methods for RF penetration then a SMA coax will be the best bet.  The SMA coax, if properly installed (centerline of the vehicle as far back on the vehicle as possible, grounded to metal, not surrounded metal, at least 8 inches off the ground, pointed downward or upward not parallel to the ground) provides the best reception of any product.

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