Individual And Bulk Username Updates.

Individual username updates are very simple to perform and can be done within 30 seconds.  The attached document details how to individually rename a user.

For bulk username updates, please email an excel spreadsheet to with 3 columns:


1. The SIM MSISDN number

2. The current username.

3. The desired username.


We strongly advise that all usernames are in a similar format as we will have to tailor our script to meet your criteria.  The scripting process can handle usernames in a consistent format but constantly changing formats in requests will most likely lead to major processing errors.  Please see the below examples as a guideline:

Accepted format example (NAME-MSISDN):

Entry 1: JohnDoeAssociates - 467190001234567

Entry 2: JohnDoeAssociates - 467190002345678

The above example is in a consistent format with the customer name followed by a sequential, ascending MSISDN value.  Notice how the formatting is consistent on both the NAME and MSISDN, with the length of each string the same.

Unaccepted format example (NAME-MSISDN)

Entry 1: JohnDoeAssociates - 467190001234567

Entry 2: John2Doe3Associates - +4671900012345678

The reason that this request would be rejected by our script is due to the 2 and 3 being appended to different parts of the NAME string and the + appended to the MSISDN string (assuming you have selected entry 1 style formatting as your default)

You must select ONE format and rename you users according to that format as that is what the script will run against.

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