Tough Tracker installation - Method 2: Install by welding.

Please follow the below instructions if installing the Tracker via welding:

  • The Tough Tracker back plate is made from stainless steel, so to weld your Tough Tracker to your asset, you must use a dissimilar metal wielding rod (recommended low gauge stainless wire).
  • For trackers supplied without a back plate, use the template provided to mark and cut 2 slots into your asset.  For trackers with a back plate, use the edges of the mounting flanges to securely weld the Tough Tracker to the asset.
  • Generating excessive heat whilst welding can detriment the internal resin composite within the tracker.  Avoid creating seams by placing tacks at each corner and through the bolt holes.  This is generally sufficient to bond the Tough Tracker securely to the asset.
  • Please ensure that care is taken whilst welding your Tough Tracker in place.  Your tracker is fire resistant, but serious personal harm may ensue if the unit is set alight.  Use a suitable shield between the Tough Tracker case and the area to be welded.
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