Features of Tough Tracker.

What makes Tough Tracker different?


Tough Tracker is the first and only tracking device not to be housed in plastic.  It comes in a patented armoured case specifically designed to live up to hostile environments.  Unlike all other trackers in the market, the Tough Tracker is able to withstand impact, is fully weather proof and tamper proof.

Battery Life

Tough Tracker comes with its own unique power supply.  Most other trackers have to be hardwired into an external battery or have a very short battery life.  Tough Tracker's battery life is 5 years (subject to usage) and it can be used on assets without their own power supply - Like trailers, skips and containers.

Cost Effective

Many people assume that tracking is an expensive service.  We have recognised that concern and have designed the Tough Tracker with price in mind.  Through listening to our customers we have been able to create the most cost effective tracker without scrimping on quality.


As an innovative and fast moving company, Concirrus are always on board with the latest technology.  We are proud of the fact that we use our own designs and utilise only the highest quality components.  Unlike most trackers we use a 50 channel GPS receiver (other trackers use 20 channel) enabling us to give you the most accurate location reporting.

Cell Locate

Tough Tracker is the only tracker in the UK market to offer cell locate.  This is an extra location reporting technique used when GPS signal is not available (for example when a tracker cannot view the sky or is jammed) meaning Tough Tracker will be able to send a report when other trackers can't.

Ease Of Use

There is no awkward programming or setting up involved.  Simply weld or bolt on the Tough Tracker and you are ready to go.  The software is a web based system providing you real time data on a Google maps interface.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can login and view your assets at any time.

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