SIMSafe report types

You can download reports related to all aspects of SIMSafe SIM management from the reports section on the web application.  The following report types are available:


User Connections

An audit log of the successful remote user connections to the VPN. This detailed log provides connection start and end times and traffic statistics.


Failed Logins

An audit log of the failed remote user Login attempts, including the reason why the login failed and the time it occurred.


Current user quotas

A report on the users with data quotas assigned and their current quota usage.


User Quota history

A report on users' data quota usage for period cycles within a specified time range.


Routed Mode Addresses

A report on the users enabled for Routed Mode addressing and the addresses assigned to them.


Tunnel Connections

A log of routed-mode tunnel connections to your VPN.


Tunnel connection failures

A log of failed routed-mode tunnel connection attempts.


Agent Connectivity

An audit log of VPN Agent connections to your VPN including start and end times. Your VPN is only available when VPN Agents are connected.

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