Tough Tracker installation. An introduction.

Your Tough Tracker is intended to be PERMANENTLY attached to the asset it is protecting; ensure you choose the fitting location carefully.  Follow these guidelines for suitable placing of your Tough Tracker device:

  • As your Tough Tracker uses a combination of GPS and other RF technologies, it is important that the unit is placed on the outside of any asset to be tracked, not within e.g. inside a container.
  • Orient your Tough tracker so that the upper half of the device has a clear 'view' of the sky and is not obstructed by large metallic objects or surfaces. 
  • Although your Tough Tracker is extremely robust, not locating the unit where it can be constantly knocked during operation is advised.  E.g. near lifting fittings etc.
  • Although your Tough Tracker is fire resistant, we recommend not locating the unit where it will be exposed to a naked flame or any form of intense heat source.
  • The Tough Tracker back plate may have sharp edges, always wear protective gloves when handling.
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