Echo repeater installation and operation instructions

1. The Echo repeater is designed for use INSIDE the vehicle.  (The Echo repeater is not water or weatherproof)

2. Installation of the Echo Repeater is best when installed toward the back of the vehicle.  The closer the echo repeater is to the back tires, the better the reception of the sensors signal.

3. The Echo Repeater can be can be mounted to any non-metallic surface (Surrounding the Echo Repeater with metal or installing it onto a metal surface will interfere with the signal and affect performance of the unit)

4. When installing the Echo repeater, position the face of the repeater so it faces the front of the vehicle - facing toward the monitor in the front of the vehicle.

5. To power the Echo Repeater, it must be connected to a 12V source. The Echo Repeater can be plugged into a lighter receptacle or hardwired.

6. When the Echo Repeater is connected to power, the small green POWER light is lit to indicate power to the unit is on.

7. When powered and in operation, the Echo Repeater collects Sensor signals and repeat transmits these signals at a stronger voltage ensuring more reliable reception by the Monitor.

8. Radio Frequency (RF) transmissions are susceptible to signal interference. As with cell phones, RF signals can be interrupted and blocked. The Echo Repeater boosts the signal from the Sensor enhancing reliable signal reception. It is possible to still miss a Sensor signal periodically but this will be greatly diminished with the use of the Echo Repeater. 


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