What are the main causes of tyre overheating?

Overheated tyres can lead to false pressure readings, which can be risky for customers travelling long distances as there is a chance the tyre pressure may be significantly lower than that displayed.  Please take note of the following factors which may lead to overheating of tyres:

1. Brakes not working uniformly on all tyres, putting excess strain on some brakes and therefore heating abnormally.

2. Slack Adjuster Malfunctioning.

3. Crimping brake lines when installing breaks by over-tightening.

4. Low brake fluid.

5. Brakes dragging - even a minor dragging of brakes can cause major problems

6. Driver riding brakes.

7. Wheel bearing going out.

8. Bearings not properly packed

9. Tyre Manufacturing defects.

10. Tyre compromised by rolling with <80% of desired pressure.

11. Wheel alignment off.

12. Running with significant difference of PSI on same axle.

13. Driving too fast on freeway when fully loaded.

14. Broken spring or suspension.

15. Leaking lines put oil on tyres which causes swelling and aging of tyre rubber.


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