Transferring your TrakBak unit to another asset

If you wish to transfer your TrakBak unit to another vehicle, please send an email request to  The content of your email should specify firstly which vehicle the unit is being transferred from.  Please provide us with the details of the vehicle which is currently utilising the tracker, along with the membership number.  

We will also need information related to the new vehicle to which you are transferring the tracker.  Please include the following:

Registration Number - The vehicle registration number

Make - The vehicle make e.g. Ferrari

Model -  Vehicle model e.g. 360 Spider

Colour - Vehicle colour (please be as specific as possible)

Year - Vehicle year of production

Vintage Number/Chassis number - Vehicle chassis number.  If you are unable to determine this number, please contact your vehicle dealer/distributor.

Upon confirmation of these details, we will issue you with a new certificate of TrakBak membership.  Your annual membership fee will not change and you will be billed on the same dates as per your membership on the previous vehicle.

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