The NCC cannot identify the location of my vehicle. Why might this happen?

The NCC use GPS tracking techniques to home in on the location of the TrakBak device.  This is accomplished via the use of a SIM inserted in the tracker.  One of the biggest reasons that the device location cannot be pinpointed is because the SIM cannot be communicated with.  There are a couple of reasons that this may happen:

1. The SIM is in an area devoid of signal 

This is the most common reason the device and hence your asset can not be located.  If the tracker is in an area with no signal, the SIM cannot communicate with the ARC, therefore, it cannot obtain a GPS fix.  An example of this may be a garage.

2. The tracker itself is damaged

 The tracker may be damaged meaning that it cannot work in tandem with the SIM.  This could be internal or external damage.

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