My SIM has been stolen/misplaced. What should I do?

If your SIM has been stolen or misplaced, please contact a member of our technical support staff either by submitting a request or by sending an email to immediately and we will take the appropriate actions as per the following:

If a SIM has been stolen, the best course of action will be to have it terminated.  This way it cannot be used again and will save you from paying a hefty bill for continued unauthorised use.  One the SIM has been terminated, it will no longer be usable and a new SIM needs to be ordered.  The billing on this SIM will also cease upon full termination.

Misplaced SIMs should be given similar treatment to avoid them being found and used without your authorisation.  Please send us a request to terminate the SIM as soon as possible after discovering it has been misplaced.  We will terminate the SIM and cease billing.

It is important to note that customers will be charged for the replacement SIMs at £9.99.  The charges will include shipping and the cost of the actual physical SIM.


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Find out more about SIMs in our comprehensive SIM FAQ!




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