The SIM life-cycle

A SIM goes through a variety of stages in its life-cycle.  They begin in an inactive state before being assigned.  They then go live and at this point, upon request, they can be suspended or deactivated.

What do each of these terms mean?


A SIM is inactive prior to being assigned for use.  In an inactive state, the SIM is void and will not function.


Before going live, SIMs are allocated to a specific account.  At this point they are assigned for purpose.



Upon being assigned for use, the SIM goes through what is known as the activation process, which when complete, triggers the availability of all SIM facilities (SMS, live data etc).  Once active/connected, the billing process begins as per Concirrus' billing policy.



 Upon request, SIMs can be deactivated.  Once in this state, they cannot be used again until  they are re-activated.  Please note that the SIM will still be billed in this state.



If a SIM is no longer needed, or is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated/terminated.  A terminated SIM, like an inactive SIM, becomes void upon termination.  Any billing on the SIM will cease immediately.  Once a SIM is terminated, it can never be used again.

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