Which countries are included in the roaming profile for the SIM?

A roaming profile identifies which 'zones' a SIM is allowed to operate within hence determining available network operators in those zones.  A zone can be referred to more simply as a set of countries.

Each SIM supplier/provider has their own zoning profile with its respective countries. Telenor as an example have several zones like A1, A2 etc.  If your agreement includes the UK for example, zone I will need to be added to your bundle. For more information on which zones are available to you, please consult the specifics of your airtime agreement or speak to your account manager.

It is important to note that zoning only applies to roaming global M2M SIMs.  Certain SIMs which are restricted to a certain country (e.g. a Vodafone UK only SIM) will be locked to the operators in those countries.

Attached to this article you will find the roaming profiles for both Telenor and Aspider.  If you have any further questions, please log a request


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